Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here we Go . . .

The Official News Regarding My Job:
I am now a High School Recruiter for the Art Institute. My job entails going into high schools and sharing information about attending the Art Institute.

Why? I love public speaking. I think AI is a great thing - Aaron goes there! I love the idea of encouraging students to follow their dreams of an art career, if that is right for them.

Why else? I'm done every day at 3:00. I work from home/car. I get summer off. I get great compensation and benefits. (Yay for health insurance!)

The tough part? My territory is South Orange County/North San Diego County. This is far from family and my boyfriend. I'm nervous, but trying to trust God that it is where I am meant to live. Please pray that I find a church, friends, affordable apartment, etc.


Heidi aka H to da izO said...

Congrats! So is your location official now? I am just so gald that you'll be at least a little closer to me now! Yeppie!

Kami said...

UM HELLO??? Marion and I live in South Orange County. You won't be alone!! I can help you find a cheap place to live too. Call me!

BruceandBarbara said...

Congratulations again on the job! God has big plans for you! You have so much wisdom & kindness. You are a wonderful niece!