Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Night at The Roxy

Our friend Drew has a super neato band called Riddley. We went to their show at The Roxy on Friday. Aaron and I had not been social in long time - we try to stay home and save money! But it was fun to go out for the night like grown-ups. After the concert Aaron and I got a few slices of delicious pizza nearby in Hollywood. Then we joined the rest of the gang at Drew and Mande's apartment for snacks, Wii and just hanging out.


Thanks to a sunny Saturday with nothing to do, Aaron and I decided to randomly select a city for a day trip. We chose Hermosa Beach. Aaron put our bikes on the back of the Jeep and I packed lunch, snacks, sunscreen, towels and lots of water.
I LOVED this beach town! You can ride your bike on the boardwalk for miles. After doing that for awhile, we spread our towels and got some sun (well, as much sun as can get through my 45 spf sunscreen). I played in the ocean for a bit. Then we rode our bikes again and did some shopping. I bought a vintage letterpress "M" from an antique shop.

We wrapped up the day with dinner at El Gringo. I loved the restaurant's name and their delicious food. We ate sooooooo much! The portions were gigantic. We dined alfresco at sunset - how perfect!