Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Night as a Single Woman (Almost)

This is my first post as a married lady! I want to start with my bachelorette party. Without a doubt, this is one of the top 10 Funnest Nights of my life! I had a GREAT time! These pictures are a tad incriminating . . . so much for running for president in 2032. Oh, well! Totally worth it!

Here's Team Bachelorette: Marci, Monica, Emily, Heidi, Marion and Amy

But for one night: Sally Spirit, Missy Shadow, Sassy Sunflower, Ginger, Carmen and Dusty Mustang

Here I am in my total gettup: Pink boa from Amy, Tiara, Veil, "Bride to Be" button, nametag, candy necklace, beads, and THE WHIP! Monica and Marci gave me a satin-andpearl whip because I always used to tell them that I'd be a mean, tough bride and I'd need a pretty bridal whip to keep my bridesmaids in line.
A word to the wise: Never, ever, no matter how FREE it is, drink a "Bullsweat." Little did I know that this beverage contained a lovely mix of gin, tequila, bourbon, worcester sauce and tabasco. My mouth was on fire! I drank half and the girls and entire bar start chanting "Bull sweat! Bull sweat! Bull sweat!" I tried to drink the rest but spit it out all over the bar and literally, right that second, ran oustide and never went back. We had to hit up Coldstone so I could cool off my mouth with some Sweetcream.
Thanks to all the girls for an amazing night out! Yes, the bull sweat (with the help of some other libations) may have made me a little sick the next day . . . but what a night!