Friday, June 12, 2009

Sales? What Sales?

This is the letter I sent to a local Real Estate company.
I was really in the mood to stick it to 'em.

I take a walk every day and pass by a "For Sale" sign on Peyton. Every day I tell myself, I really should call them and get some more information. You see, my husband and I have been discussing purchasing our first home. When a "price reduced" sign was added, I told myself, now you really should call them.

Today I finally got around to making that call . . . unfortunately.

Me: Hi, I'm interested in the condo on Peyton.
Agent: Oh, it's a co-op.
Me; Oh, okay. I really wasn't sure . . .
(Long silence)
Agent: And you can't just use any lender.
Me: Okay . . . so co-ops are when you don't really own the actual space right? Don't you pay per square foot or something?
Agent: No! You buy shares and have rights to live there.
(Silence again. I guess I'm supposed to say something now? I'm waiting for her to take the next step in the sales process.)
Me: Well, um. Okay. I really don't know too much about co-ops. (Why do I feel embarassed? I'm not supposed to be the expert!)
Agent: It's a whole other can of worms. There are only three or four lenders and you need 10% down.
Me: Ok. Thanks? Bye

She never asked for my name. She never told me her name. She never gave me any CLUE on the price. She never said something like, "If a co-op doesn't sound right to you, we do have several condos and single family homes available. Can I get your contact information so I can get back to you." THAT would have been the smarter sales technique. No wonder that sign has been up so long. Whenever anyone calls they get zero information

I don't understand why I was treated this way. Do I sound poor on the phone? Do I sound young?

It was the equivalent of ordering a large coffee at Starbucks and having the barista roll her eyes dramatically and say, "We don't have a large . . . do you mean a Venti?" The baristas are brats at Starbucks because they spend ALL their time around coffee and expect us all to be experts as well.

But it wasn't just that she did a verbal "roll of the eyes" when I didn't understand everything about condos vs. co-ops, it was just the worst sales and customer service I've ever recieved. In this economy, wouldn't you like to, I don't know, make some MONEY?


Peggy said...

you go girl!

Olivia Lee Tringham Lyman said...

Emily! I totally know how you feel! This is so true, and the story of my life (well, at least for the past four or so years). We've been looking for a decently nice little house to buy for this long, and it's been... interesting. I don't know what it is with some realtors, but they make you feel so dumb and act like they really don't want to sell a thing. It's weird. Anyhow, good luck!
ps we finally found a cute house and your dad even surprised me and was the home-inspector! It was so great to see him!

Heidi said...

I love it!!! Sometimes people are just so rude and I am so like you, I totally want to stick it to them!!!! I had no idea there were these co-op deals, seriously that sounds crazy!!!

BruceandBarbara said...

I agree and no you don't sound young. You sound like a mature young adult and very confident. This lady has no idea how to sell and that is why the sign is still up. Just as well. Probably not for you. Best wishes on your search. I will be praying for you two!

Jhon said...

This is so true! I had no idea there were these co-op deals, seriously that sounds crazy!!!

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