Monday, May 18, 2009

The Wide-brimmed Hat Society

On Saturday we joined a group that regularly hangs at Tower 34 on Manhattan Beach for volleyball and general merriment. The girls decided ahead of time to wear wide-brimmed hats.

Aaron was a rock-star server. He needed a little practice with the other volleyball stuff, but once he learned he was great!
Unfortunately, the sun never showed her face. It was ALL clouds and fog. Bummer.

Aaron needed a nap after all that volleying.


Peggy said...

What a fun time! Love the hats.

BruceandBarbara said...

Looks like fun! I miss So Cal beaches:( Cute group of girls!

Heidi said...

Doesn't the fog make you feel at home though?!? I kind of like the fog now for that very reason, now that I don't experience it every day!!

Emily Valko said...

No Heidi. The fog was just too much of a bummer when you show up in a bikini with a good book. Maybe in August when I am sweltering and melting I will enjoy the fog.