Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Organizing Diva

After several weeks of tripping over boxes of work-related stuff in my hallway, I finally spent about an hour creating a well-organized work closet. Because I work from home, my employer sends me loads of brochures, posters and other materials. Once upon a time, it was all tucked neatly in my hall closet. But when I needed, say, a certain poster, I'd have to pull the ten boxes on top of the box with the needed posters.

WHAT A DISASTER!I found a container with drawers at a thrift shop for $9.95 (and to think I almost bought the same container from Target for $30 a few days ago!).
I used it for my most common and abundant materials in it.I used these bags to hold the goodies I give out to students, like pens and shirts.

And, finally . . . all organized and beautiful! I added cheerful yellow labels for everything. Hopefully, this will make one aspect of my life a little bit simpler. I will update in a month or two as to whether I kept it clean.

I'm so proud of myself!


Peggy said...

I'm proud of you, too! Now come do the same thing for my stuff or at least teach me how! Love ya, Mom

BruceandBarbara said...

Nice job! It does feel good to get a project done. My room is a cluttered mess so you have inspired me!
Auntie B