Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"I want you to get excited about your life!"

Aaron and I did something really crazy this morning! We went on Dr. Phil! No, not as audience members, but as guests. The topic was verrrry interesting - Financial 911! That is a picture of us in our, ahem, dressing room.

Let me give you a play-by-play:
- A car picked us up at 6:30. We wore comfortable clothes and brought our show clothes with us.
- We arrived at the show and were shown to our dressing room. They gave us bagels, muffins, coffee, juice, etc.
- The wardrobe lady analyzed our clothes and made Aaron wear a different shirt and shoes.
- We each took turns in hair and makeup and getting dressed. I felt so glammed up! Aaron though I looked "too TV" and "too grown up" but I liked it!
- We were briefed by the producer and told that we would really only have a few moments with Dr. Phil. They put microphones on us.
- They seated us in the studio, about the fourth row.
- Dr. Phil came out and everyone was so excited . . . but then he went to the wrong place, because the producer sent him to the wrong place. So they had to redo the intro and we all had to pretend like he was coming out for the first time.
- Then Ben Stein came out as the economics expert! (Bueller . . . Bueller . . . ) and some other money expert. Ben Stein was the best part of the whole day!
- They did a show about the economy . . . blah, blah, blah. We were the third "guests" (more like planned audience members). There was a twenty second video on us and then we stood next to Dr. Phil and he basically asked a question for us to the experts. Their answer? Aaron and I should be paying our mortgage and life insurance. Huh??? Yeah, VERRRY helpful!
- I think we said about ten words between us about what financial losers we are.
- The show was over.
- We had cookies and chocolate covered strawberries in our dressing room (I stole a bunch of Parmount napkins cause I was bitter . . . in fact I took whatever I could - Diet Cokes, extra cookies, paper clips from our contracts. I almost tried to take off with the Braveheart poster in our dressing room.)
- A different driver took us home and didn't have GPS or directions so it took forever. I was further annoyed. But we were glad the day was over! And we certainly were impacted by the meaning of the show. We are really going to make a plan for thriving financially.

Watch Thursday on Dr. Phil!!!


Peggy said...

How very exciting!!! We'll be watching.

BruceandBarbara said...

You and Aaron look gorgeous (and handsome)!! I have a bunch of people watching and even though it is short you are still famous!
PS Can I have your autograph?

Jessica said...

I saw you guys on the show (yes, I am an avid DP fan) and I immediately called Amy to confirm! I'm Jess, one of Amy's friend's from Portland, the one who married the guy I met on Craig's List. Remember me? I recognized Aaron from Amy & David's wedding before I recognized you, Emily, just from seeing him at the wedding. That's soooo cool that you got to meet DP in person, even if it was for a few minutes. And congrats about getting married! From one online dater (if you can call me that) to another, I am very happy for you. :)