Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Don't you hate it when you buy one tiny little thing and it is surrounded by tons of packaging, which you can barely open by the way. It makes me crazy! Like this:

Aaron is taking a sustainable packaging class in his graphic design program. I thank God that somebody realized that those who design packaging needed proper education on this subject. Somehow though, Aaron and I ended up bickering about environmental thinking as a trend. I was being cranky and anti-everything. It was a Daria moment. (Sorry Aaron for being argumentative for no reason.)

What is funny is that I started The Environmental Club in 7th grade at my school. We planted native plants, took a low-impact train trip, cleaned the beach, created Earth Day skits, started recycling programs and lots more.

Over the years though, I guess I became jaded. And now, I feel like the "green" (I am so sick of that word) movement is still based on CONSUMERISM! And that is the problem to begin with. Our obsession with STUFF! (Which I am not above.)

Buy this! Buy that! "Green" products are a status symbol! Just like SUVs were a few years ago. So there is no change in our hearts or attitude. I saw this amazing video ... it's short, simple and easy to understand. It is called The Story of Stuff, and it helped me get why I can't let my jaded spirit and annoyed attitude stop me from making changes in my life and in my country. Please watch! Click here -


maggie said...

Don't forget the recycle box you made for your class!

The Cleavers said...

Heavy. I like that you think. Even though you're tired, don't give up thinking.