Thursday, December 17, 2009


As part of the Social Concerns Committee at church, I helped with the Holiday Winterfest. At this event, we invited various vendors to sell their fair-trade goods. We also invted the community to consider doing some Christmas shopping from these vendors. "Fair trade" means that the product was made by someone who was paid fairly for it. Out idea was, "What would Jesus want us to buy?" or "How can we buy some gifts that help others?" So there were scarves and purses from a co-op of women in rural Mexico and ornaments from Peru and baskets from Vietnam, along with fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate. It was a fun event (read: too much work!) and we were able to pick up a few gifts for those on our list.


Peggy said...

That's fantastic. Wish I lived closer and could have gone shopping. Maybe next year.

BruceandBarbara said...

Good for you!! We have a few fair trade shops in town. One of them is owned by a friend of Mark's. I got some awesome, wooden salad serving spoons from Africa. I love them!