Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Wine Suggestions

People are always asking me for wine recommendations. The best advice I can give is "Drink what you like!" Of course, you may not have the chance to try before you buy. And then there are folks like my mom, who doesn't drink wine too often, but wants to know what to serve guests or give as a gift.
Here are my picks for summer:

Having a BBQ? The best pairing for a juicy cheeseburger is Syrah/Shiraz. It can even stand up to all the weird condiments you may pile on your burger. For steak, a rich Cabernet Sauvignon always fits the bill. With grilled chicken or seafood, you absolutely must try a dry rose! They are perfect for summer.
As an all-around perfect BBQ wine, try the Elyse Nero Misto. It's full of ripe dark fruit, perhaps because it is made with over 12 different grapes. This California-Italian styled wine is one of my absolute favorites. In the summer, don't be afraid to pop it in the fridge for about 20 minutes before opening.
For something cool and refereshing on a warm summer day, enjoy a glass (or two!) of prosecco. This is the Italian version of Champagne. It has smaller bubbles and a crisp finish. I like Zardetto Prosecco right now; it has a green apple flavor to it. You can add some juice - try cranberry, peach or strawberry, and make a refreshing bellini.
Cheers! Happy Summer!

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